Finding Your Wealthy Place

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How is your life today? Does it mirror that you are an offspring of God? Does it mirror the abundance of your brilliant Father? God said in Deuteronomy 28:3, Favored shalt thou be in the city, and favored shalt thou be in the field.
There is what is known as an affluent place. God needs to bring you into your own particular rich place. When you are in such a place you wont inquire as to whether you have discovered it. You will encounter it when you are in the city and when you are in the field. It works all over the place. It works in the city and in the field. At the end of the day, regardless of whether you are a specialist, legal advisor, teacher, serve, agent, or you have some other vocation.

Keep in mind that yesterday we discussed leaving just for Jesus? You began leaving the practices that God dislikes. Why? God needs to assume you into that position. You cant win the world and win Gods Kingdom in the meantime. One must drop. Beginning 12:1 says, The LORD said to Abram: Leave your nation, your family, and your relatives and go to the land that I will indicate you. You are required by God to leave certain practices in life. That will be your appearance of confidence in Him. That is the thing that Abraham did. So neglecting certain things as you obey God will lead you to the place God bound for you.
Thou hast made men ride over our heads; we experienced fire and through water: But thou broughtest us out into a well off place. (Hymns 66:12).
You may have experienced the fire or water, however at long last the Lord is getting you into this awesome place Jesus Name. That is the place of bounty. It is Gods will that you leave the tight spot monetarily. We dont serve a thoughtless God. He doesnt remove you from Egypt and toss you into a wild and after that abandon you there to pass on. The wild is only a pathway to your well off place. So dont stress over what is going on in your life now. You are recently going through. Never think the wild is your predetermination. Never figure you should kick the bucket there. No, No! Fix your eyes into your well off place. See God taking you through. Hear him out. Obey Him.
I trust the accompanying verse in Psalms is a prophetic word to the Body of Christ during the current hour concerning finances.
Thou shalt emerge, and show benevolence upon Zion: for an opportunity to support her, yea, the set time, is come. (Song 102:13). Note that Zion alludes to the Church. God supports the individuals who trust Him.
At the point when is an ideal opportunity to emerge? Now is the ideal time. Try not to remain in the wild till you pass on. On the off chance that you have not yet discovered your affluent place, emerge now! Request that God demonstrate to you where or what is your affluent place. He is an unwavering God. He is constantly consistent with His Word. In this manner trust Him and act as indicated by His directions. He will address you in Jesus Name!